Day 2 – Session 9 – NEAS: Past, Present and Future

NEAS Strategy

NEAS: Past, Present and Future

Presenter: Adam Kilburn

As the Chief Executive Officer at NEAS Australia, Adam Kilburn brings extensive experience in the English Language Teaching sector. He has over 30 years of experience in the ELT industry, having held a range of management positions in academic, marketing and general management roles. Amongst these, he managed a teacher training (CELTA) centre and ran a multiple campus operation in Vietnam. Adam has also consulted to the ELT industry in Canada and various states of Australia, working with both public and private, large and small providers.

Most recently, Adam served as the Head of Centre for the Holmesglen English Language Centre in Melbourne. In this role, he had oversight for the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS), the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), and teacher training programs within a Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and training environment.

With a Master of Arts (Language and Literacy) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Adam’s academic qualifications complement his practical insights, enabling him to drive business improvement and foster collaborative engagement within the ELT sector.

Day 2 – Session 8 – Panel: Integrating Mental Health Practices in ELT

Expert Panel Series – Panel 3: Wellbeing and Mental Health

Panel Theme: CultivatingWellness: Integrating Mental Health Practices in ELT Centers for Educators and Students

The panel will discuss the importance of sustaining the wellbeing and mental health of students and teachers in the ELT sector. Participants can expect a thoughtful exploration of effective strategies to support the wellbeing of educators and learners, providing a platform to share experiences and best practices in maintaining the overall wellbeing of individuals within the ELT sector.

Presenter: Michael Bos

As the foundation director, Michael has overseen the planning, registration, commencement and ongoing operations of the international programmes for both Moreton Bay Boys’ College and Moreton Bay College since 2019.

Michael has worked in the International Education industry for more than 20 years. He has held teaching and leadership roles in Australia and overseas in private ELICOS colleges, TAFE, university and schools. He is a NEAS Master Practitioner and has achieved the Gold Standard NEAS Premium Product Endorsement.

Michael sits on the National ELICOS Accreditation Scheme Advisory Council. He enjoys sharing his passion for and insights into international education and is a regular conference presenter.

Presenter: Jo Kwai

With over 25 years combined experience across the schools, ELICOS, and RTOs, Jo is a very experienced Academic Manager, Teacher trainer, PD Champion and classroom teacher. Jo is a member of the ASQA SLG (Stakeholder Liaison Group) and also on the EA QLD PD committee member. Jo has mentored many new teachers and is also an experienced curriculum writer, submitting new courses for accreditation.

Jo’s passion is everything education, and is very people-focused in all aspects of her job. There are never enough hours in the day and nothing is insurmountable – Jo likes to problem-solve and the ‘can-do’ attitude with like-minded teams shows a lot can be achieved with the right-attitude. Jo is currently the Deputy Director International, Academic Manager, at John Paul International College, Daisy Hill, QLD.

Presenter: Justin Foot

Justin has 25+ years experience in the management of ELICOS and Vocational Institutes and College in Australia and abroad. Justin is currently the Director of Academic and Business Development, Albright Institute, which has 4 Campuses (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide) servicing a diverse range of International students. As a Global Citizen, and someone who has previously lived abroad in both Vietnam and Singapore, Justin understands the challenges of delivering ELICOS courses to international students and the importance of supporting Wellbeing and Health for all students.

Day 2 – Session 7 – Panel: International Student Recruitment within the ELT Landscape

Expert Panel Series – Panel 2: Education Agents

Panel Theme: Global Navigators: Redefining Quality in International Student Recruitment within the ELT Landscape.

Presenter: Chalita Leethong

Chalita is a distinguished manager at TPL Education, renowned for her profound passion for education and a firm belief in its power to transform the world. Her experience as an education agent is marked by her exceptional commitment to student welfare, consistently going the extra mile to support their needs. With a comprehensive grasp of the Australian education system, she brings invaluable insights to her role. Additionally, Chalita is a co-founder of Grampians Multicultural Hub, an initiative aimed at aiding newcomers in integrating into the community, specialising in migration law. Her work exemplifies professional excellence and a dedication to societal betterment.

Presenter: GD Singh

GD Singh, Global MD of Apply4Study, is a seasoned leader with 19 years in Education, Business Strategy, HR Management, and Compliance. He is also a Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1678964). A distinguished public speaker and CPD presenter, training professionals on Visa matters. He also serves as the Representative of Migration Alliance for the Indian and subcontinent cohort. He won CEO of the Year at the Skill India Business Awards 2022, India. Apply4Study, under his leadership, received accolades including Best Inbound Education Consultancy 2022 by Corporate Vision, UK; MSME awards Delhi, India 2023 and NEAS Quality Education Agency Awards, 2023.

Presenter: Deepa Rajagopal

Deepa is an International student recruitment specialist with over 10 years of experience in strategic and operational management. Deepa’s special interest involves advocating equal opportunities and outcomes for international students in a global market space. As an international education leader, she is passionate about building a knowledgeable workforce of career advisors with a strong moral compass for integrity and ethics. At her core, Deepa is a coach, mentor with a deep inclination to help people advance their careers in the international education sector.

Day 2 – Session 6 – Panel: Rethinking Quality Standards in ELT Student Accommodation

Expert Panel Series – Panel 1: Homestay

Panel Theme: Residential Excellence: Rethinking Quality Standards in ELT Student Accommodation.

Presenter: David Bycroft

David has been a global pioneer in the industry since 1999. He originally led the successful student insurance program for Allianz. In 2007 he founded the Australian Homestay Network (AHN). David has been a key contributor to Government inquiries on international student welfare and accommodation.

David has also been a successful presenter at Australian and NZ industry conferences by delivering effective international student accommodation solutions that work in the current accommodation crisis.

Presenter: Sonia Ortega

Sonia is committed to transforming the lives of international students in NSW. As the CEO of Global Experience Australia, she drives international education engagement and establishes invaluable partnerships in the industry.

Global Experience provides safe homes for international students in NSW. The organisation hires multilingual teams to bridge cultural gaps and ensure effective communication with international students.

Beyond this role, Sonia has engaged various industry bodies, educational associations, and government initiatives to support the growth and development of the international education sector in NSW. Her expertise and insights help shape policies that support the safety, welfare, and success of international students in NSW. Sonia and her team have placed over 175,000 international students in safe homes.

Presenter: Youssef Ehab

Youssef Ehab is a Director of Study Vision, a well-established accommodation provider with extensive experience in assisting students and guests find their ideal place to stay. Together with wife and partner, Marina Wan, Youssef co-founded Study Vision in 1997.

Youssef has played a pivotal role in expanding the business on a national scale. He oversees client agreements with host families, universities, colleges, and agents. Youssef is also responsible for ensuring full compliance of the business operations with all government regulations. His unwavering commitment is to advance Study Vision’s mission and contribute to the growth of the Homestay Industry.

Presenter: Alison Blakey

Alison is currently working as Manager of Admissions, Homestay and Study Tours at UOW College Australia. The UOW College Australia homestay program began more than 25 years ago and has diligently cared for thousands of students and host families during that time.

Having hosted in the homestay program before joining UOW College in 2019, Alison offers a unique perspective to the inner workings of the homestay industry. Alison is passionate about the role the homestay industry plays in not only supporting international students while studying in Australia but also in fostering an inclusive community which embraces diverse cultures.

Day 2 – Session 5 – Future-Driven Marketing Innovation in Education

Future-Driven Marketing Innovation in Education

The rapid advancement of technology is reshaping our world, and as a result, our education system must also adapt to meet the evolving needs of the 21st century. With technology breaking down barriers, educational providers are compelled to deliver innovative and valuable learning experiences that meet students’ expectations.

In this keynote presentation, Bosco Anthony, a renowned marketing futurist and thought leader, will explore the future of marketing innovation in the education sector in our ever-changing tech-driven world. This insightful session will dive into how emerging technologies, digital trends, and shifting consumer expectations are revolutionizing the sector while trying to meet the demands of the future global citizen.

Leveraging his expertise in market research and industry analysis, Bosco will facilitate a dynamic and visual keynote on education design and delivery, exploring the intersection between education and industry providers.

Presenter: Bosco Anthony

Bosco Anthony is the Chief Brand Officer at Global Rev Gen (GRG), an internationally recognised media performance and consultancy agency. A seasoned digital strategist, disruptive storyteller, rebellious marketer, and Tedx speaker with a background in corporate leadership, business operational maturity and digital futurism. He is known for being an influential thought leader in the education space, having also spoken at over 500 global events. Bosco Anthony is a tech and marketing futurist and has a strong acumen of the digital industry. With his dynamic storytelling style, Bosco will leave the audience feeling inspired and even rethink what the “answers” are!

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Day 2 – Session 4 – Greening ELT: Sustainability Practices, a Quality Revolution

Greening ELT: Sustainability Practices, a Quality Revolution

Greening ELT through Sustainability Practices, a Quality Revolution. Exploring strategies for making English Language Teaching more sustainable.

Presenter: Ailsa Lamont

Ailsa Lamont is a Co-founder of the International Education Sustainability Group which provides climate-focused risk management, benchmarking and data for the international education sector.

She is also Co-founder and was the foundation Chair of CANIE, the Climate Action Network for International Educators, a grassroots global network from 2019 to 2023.

Her experience includes terms as international director and pro vice-chancellor international at three Australian universities, during which time she was responsible (at CQUniversity) for combining four ELICOS centres into a national operation which received commendations from NEAS for high quality.

She has served as a NAFSA Senior Fellow for Sustainability, trained with The Climate Reality Project, Al Gore’s foundation to catalyse a global solution to the climate crisis, and is a graduate of the WorkforClimate Academy.

In 2023, she received the IEAA Excellence Award for Distinguished Contribution to International Education.

Day 2 – Session 3 – Academic Integrity in ELT Navigating Challenges and Ensuring Quality Professional Learning That Lasts

Keynote Series

Academic Integrity in ELT: Navigating Challenges and Ensuring Quality Professional Learning That Lasts

This session will explore the importance of academic integrity in ELT and strategies for upholding it while redefining excellence.

Presenter: Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo teaches mathematics at Cherrybrook Technology High School. His Youtube channel, Wootube, has more than 1.8 million subscribers and 160 million views of his everyday classroom lessons. Within the NSW Department of Education, he leads the Mathematics Growth Team, a statewide program of instructional leaders focused on engaging and evidence-based teaching practices.

He is a Professor of Practice at the University of Sydney, working with preservice teachers in the Sydney School of Education & Social Work. In 2018, he was named Australia’s Local Hero in the Australian of the Year Awards and listed as one of the Top 10 teachers in the world by the Global Teacher Prize. He is an internationally published author, TED speaker, and TV host of ABC’s Teenage Boss and Channel 10’s Ultimate Classroom.

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Day 2 – Session 2 – Revolution in ELT Excellence – Shifting Paradigms

Opening Plenary

Revolution in ELT Excellence – Shifting Paradigms

In this keynote, Louka explores the changing landscape of work, learning and society, outlining global shifts and what they mean for our learning ecosystems in an ever more interconnected and uncertain world. To thrive, we all need skill sets and mindsets that take advantage of emerging opportunities, adapting in ways that integrate and apply new knowledge to promote engagement across cultures, domains and languages.

At a time in history when converging technologies are rapidly changing the realities of workplaces and schools, Louka is passionate about exploring the connection point between learning and the era of AI, through powerful provocations.

Presenter: Louka Parry

Idea Curator. Learning Futurist. Global Strategist. Believer that the future belongs to those who constantly and rapidly unlearn and relearn in their daily work and life.

As one of Australia’s top innovators Louka Parry speaks on futures, leadership, and transformation; having worked with thousands of leaders and educators from diverse contexts across the world, including in high-level policy fora such as the OECD, UNESCO, the European Commission, and with all Australian States and Territories.

An award-winning educator, speaker, facilitator and adventurer, Louka’s powerful ability to communicate ideas with clarity allows him to guide thinking about learning, leadership and life to new places, earning him a place in 2022 as a Top 100 Innovator for Australia.

As CEO and Founder of The Learning Future, Louka is committed to transforming learning structures, systems and societies that further empower individuals to develop the key human capabilities that matter most now and into the future.

Louka also co-leads the non-profit Karanga: The Global Alliance for Social-Emotional Learning and Life Skills, which connects the global education community at the forefront of the future of education and social-emotional learning to empower children, educators and communities all across the globe.

A rapid learner, Louka speaks five languages, has visited over 80 countries, holds two Masters degrees, completed executive studies at Harvard and a residency at the at Stanford University.

As an education leader, Louka was promoted to Principal at only 27 years old and was named South Australian Inspirational Public Secondary Teacher of the Year.

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Day 2 – Session 1 – Welcome to the NEAS Conference 2024

Welcome and Housekeeping from NEAS MC

Presenter: Rima Ibrahim

Rima Ibrahim, Education Manager at NEAS Australia.

Welcome to Country

Welcome and Introduction of Maroun El Khoury

Presenter: David Riordan

Awarded the IEAA Outstanding Contributions to the International Education Sector award in 2018, and the NSW Government Study NSW Outstanding Contributions to the International Education Sector award in 2023, David Riordan is a distinguished NEAS Board member.

With a diverse background that includes leadership roles such as CEO of the NSW Department of Education and Training International, Director of Sydney Institute of TAFE (at the time Australia’s largest TAFE Institute), Acting Managing Director of TAFE NSW, Director of City Services at the City of Sydney and currently the CEO of the Public Education Foundation, David excels as a strategist, crisis manager, innovator, change agent, IR expert, media communicator, and negotiator.

Welcome from Study NSW, Investment NSW

Presenter: Maroun El Khoury

Maroun is an Executive Director at Investment NSW and leads a dynamic team of investment attraction and industry development specialists with a mandate to deliver on the NSW Government’s priorities to build a strong economy, attract local and international investment and reinforce NSW’s global position as an attractive place to do business and accelerate investment in priority sectors.

Before joining Investment NSW in 2022, Maroun worked in medical technology for multinationals including Stryker and then Smith+Nephew. In these Senior Executive roles Maroun led teams focused on contract management, strategic domestic and international partnerships and commercial excellence. Prior to MedTech, Maroun spent 15 years in Banking and Finance, again in senior leadership roles in business development, account management and operations across Institutional, Government, Corporate and Business Banking segments.

Maroun holds a Masters of Business Administration from Macquarie Graduate School of Management. Maroun is an active member of his community including coaching grassroots sport and volunteering in several programs predominantly focused on raising awareness and funding for children with special needs.

Formal Conference Opening

Presenter: Prof. Tanya Buchanan

Tanya is a highly experienced Chief Executive Officer and Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in and with Non-profit Organisations and Government. She is the current Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Council Australia and has been a member of the NEAS Board since 2019. Prof. Buchanan will be officially opening this year’s conference.

Welcome from the Conference Premium Sponsor

Presenter: Brian Smith

Brian Smith is Global Head of Stakeholder Engagement at IDP Education based in Melbourne. Brian’s work focuses on key stakeholders such as Government policy makers, national and international peak bodies and education providers around the world.

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