Day 2 – Session 6 – Panel: Rethinking Quality Standards in ELT Student Accommodation

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Expert Panel Series – Panel 1: Homestay

Panel Theme: Residential Excellence: Rethinking Quality Standards in ELT Student Accommodation.

Presenter: David Bycroft

David has been a global pioneer in the industry since 1999. He originally led the successful student insurance program for Allianz. In 2007 he founded the Australian Homestay Network (AHN). David has been a key contributor to Government inquiries on international student welfare and accommodation.

David has also been a successful presenter at Australian and NZ industry conferences by delivering effective international student accommodation solutions that work in the current accommodation crisis.

Presenter: Sonia Ortega

Sonia is committed to transforming the lives of international students in NSW. As the CEO of Global Experience Australia, she drives international education engagement and establishes invaluable partnerships in the industry.

Global Experience provides safe homes for international students in NSW. The organisation hires multilingual teams to bridge cultural gaps and ensure effective communication with international students.

Beyond this role, Sonia has engaged various industry bodies, educational associations, and government initiatives to support the growth and development of the international education sector in NSW. Her expertise and insights help shape policies that support the safety, welfare, and success of international students in NSW. Sonia and her team have placed over 175,000 international students in safe homes.

Presenter: Youssef Ehab

Youssef Ehab is a Director of Study Vision, a well-established accommodation provider with extensive experience in assisting students and guests find their ideal place to stay. Together with wife and partner, Marina Wan, Youssef co-founded Study Vision in 1997.

Youssef has played a pivotal role in expanding the business on a national scale. He oversees client agreements with host families, universities, colleges, and agents. Youssef is also responsible for ensuring full compliance of the business operations with all government regulations. His unwavering commitment is to advance Study Vision’s mission and contribute to the growth of the Homestay Industry.

Presenter: Alison Blakey

Alison is currently working as Manager of Admissions, Homestay and Study Tours at UOW College Australia. The UOW College Australia homestay program began more than 25 years ago and has diligently cared for thousands of students and host families during that time.

Having hosted in the homestay program before joining UOW College in 2019, Alison offers a unique perspective to the inner workings of the homestay industry. Alison is passionate about the role the homestay industry plays in not only supporting international students while studying in Australia but also in fostering an inclusive community which embraces diverse cultures.