Day 2 – Session 5 – Future-Driven Marketing Innovation in Education

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Future-Driven Marketing Innovation in Education

The rapid advancement of technology is reshaping our world, and as a result, our education system must also adapt to meet the evolving needs of the 21st century. With technology breaking down barriers, educational providers are compelled to deliver innovative and valuable learning experiences that meet students’ expectations.

In this keynote presentation, Bosco Anthony, a renowned marketing futurist and thought leader, will explore the future of marketing innovation in the education sector in our ever-changing tech-driven world. This insightful session will dive into how emerging technologies, digital trends, and shifting consumer expectations are revolutionizing the sector while trying to meet the demands of the future global citizen.

Leveraging his expertise in market research and industry analysis, Bosco will facilitate a dynamic and visual keynote on education design and delivery, exploring the intersection between education and industry providers.

Presenter: Bosco Anthony

Bosco Anthony is the Chief Brand Officer at Global Rev Gen (GRG), an internationally recognised media performance and consultancy agency. A seasoned digital strategist, disruptive storyteller, rebellious marketer, and Tedx speaker with a background in corporate leadership, business operational maturity and digital futurism. He is known for being an influential thought leader in the education space, having also spoken at over 500 global events. Bosco Anthony is a tech and marketing futurist and has a strong acumen of the digital industry. With his dynamic storytelling style, Bosco will leave the audience feeling inspired and even rethink what the “answers” are!

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