Presentation: Ms Sonia Ortega

Providing Solutions in an Accommodation Crisis: Does it have to be the final straw?

Global Experience Australia

Sonia Ortega
CEO and Founder

This presentation will be given through the eyes of over 25 years of experience running a Homestay accommodation business with its many ups and downs. Whilst still being able to look after the needs
of international students.

We have been able to navigate our way through the SARS epidemic, the global financial crisis, and finally the tough recovery associated with the COVID pandemic.

Having overcome huge hurdles in the past few years, is the current international student accommodation crisis the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

We must all be part of the solution. Stakeholders at all levels will need to cooperate and collaborate and apply the lessons learned from this journey to nurture and grow one of our most important export industries.


Sonia is committed to transforming the lives of international students in NSW. As the CEO of Global Experience Australia, she drives international education engagement and establishes invaluable partnerships in the industry. 

Global Experience provides safe homes for international students in NSW. The organisation hires multilingual teams to bridge cultural gaps and ensure effective communication with international students. Beyond this role, Sonia has engaged various industry bodies, educational associations, and government initiatives to support the growth and development of the international education sector in NSW. Her expertise and insights help shape policies that support the safety, welfare, and success of international students in NSW. Sonia and her team have placed over 175,000 international students in safe homes.