Industry Webinar Series: Duolingo- AI & The New Era of Language Assessment

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The Duolingo English Test revolutionises language assessment for the modern era. This innovative test is brought to you by the world’s largest education company Duolingo, whose 500 million users undertake more than a billion lessons every day. The test is a paradigm shift in secure, efficient, and cost-effective English proficiency evaluation and is now trusted by almost 5000 institutions worldwide. Seamlessly blending the world’s best AI technology with psychometric and linguistic excellence, the Duolingo English Test redefines language testing accessibility. It’s not just a test; it’s an embodiment of Duolingo’s mission to deliver world-class education to all corners of the globe. 
This session will be facilitated by the Head of Security and the Head of Assessment Communication for the Duolingo English Test and provide an in-depth and comprehensive insight into the test design, validity and security. 


 Mr Basim Baig
Head of Security
Duolingo English Test

Mr Basim Baig is the Head of Security for the Duolingo English Test. He has an educational background in cyber security where his major focus was the use of technical innovations to secure online testing. He leads a broad team of security engineers, AI scientists and assessment scientists.

Dr Masha Kostromintina
Head of Assessment Communication
Duolingo English Test

Dr Masha Kostromintina is an assessment specialist at Duolingo whose primary research area is fairness in high stakes English proficiency tests. She received her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from Northern Arizona University. Masha’s research has been published in top-tier journals including Studies of Second Language Acquisition and Frontiers in communication.