Day 1 – Session 4D – Student Tracking and Curriculum Enhancement

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Session 4 – Navigating Global Trends in ELT Management

Room D

Student Tracking and Curriculum Enhancement

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Improving ELICOS curriculums by identifying academic issues experienced by students who have progressed from an ELICOS program into tertiary programs.

Effectively preparing ESL students for the challenges of higher education is a shared objective among educators today. This paper centres on the improvement of ELICOS curriculums by identifying and addressing academic challenges encountered by students who have transitioned from ELICOS programs to tertiary education. The research seeks to improve ELICOS courses for a smoother transition and academic success for international students.

The study employs a mixed-methods approach involving surveys, interviews and an analysis of academic performance data. This comprehensive methodology is employed to gain a deep understanding of the difficulties that ELICOS graduates face in tertiary education. The valuable insights from the findings have given significant input into rethinking, reshaping and redefining ELICOS courses. The research suggests customising ELICOS courses with academic skill-building and cultural training to help students better prepare for higher education.

Presenter: Dona Paranawithana

Dona Paranawithana is an ESL Teacher at Aspire English. She has an MBA from the University of Colombo and is pursuing her doctoral studies in education. Her innate passion for technology led her to research social media marketing for her MBA. She has over seven years of experience in ELICOS and VET administration in both CRICOS and domestic colleges. Furthermore, she was the lead coordinator for ASQA ELICOS course review audits in her previous employment.

Her drive for technology, coupled with her negotiation and marketing skills, initiated university affiliations where she was the key ambassador and project manager. Dona’s passion for education and teaching has fueled her to thrive in research and continuous improvement. She prefers to break barriers and think outside the frame to bring fresh ideas into her workplace. Her hobbies include reading and travelling. Dona hopes to continue being an active researcher and make valuable contributions to the ELICOS sector.

Presenter: Trancy Vo

Trancy Vo is the Student Centre Coordinator at Aspire Institute and Aspire English. Trancy has a Master’s Degree in Management and Organisations from ICMS, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from University of Sunderland (UK). Trancy has over six years of experience in Student Services.

Her current role involves key administration and leadership, accountability for improving the overall student experience through the delivery of exceptional support services both administrative and customer focused. Trancy is also part of the Aspire Wellness Team where students can seek informal personal guidance and support if they have any physical or emotional issues that affect their academic progression.