ELT Products and Services

This webinar is aligned to Quality Area K: Products and Services and will highlight the quality principles for the development of new products and services. It will also take you through ELT Products and Services Quality Endorsement process and the benefits of achieving Quality Endorsement with NEAS.

Industry Workshop Series: Learning Vault

In this session, Nicholas Roberts from Learning Vault will present on the global megatrends in education – Micro-credentials and Digital Badging. The session looks at how the rise in short courses can enhance learning and career opportunities through verifiable credentials.
Nicholas will share the discoveries gained in this field over the last few years and how this new wave of thinking is creating truly meaningful outcomes for all students.

Industry Workshop Series: Cypher Learning

Creating an Adaptive Learning Experience using LMS Analytic

Educators and Education institutions play a vital role in shaping and developing learners’ future-ready skills. We want to ensure that each learner acquires the competencies they need for their future job role. This is why it is also important that we tailor fit our teaching strategy and methodology to their learning needs. We must try and create an adaptive learning experience for our learners. This session will cover the core principles of adaptive learning, how LMS data and analytics can help teachers evaluate students’ performance and how to deliver a personalized learning experience for your students.

Resources and Facilities

Is your centre equipped with the resources and facilities to promote a healthy learning environment? This webinar will explore Quality Area C: Resources and Facilities and how to ensure your centre is providing quality facilities and learning resources.

The Student Experience

Aligned to NEAS Quality Assurance Framework B: The Student Experience, this webinar provides you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to provide students with a quality experience both inside and beyond the classroom during their enrolment. Attendees will be invited to share extra-curricular activities that have helped international ELICOS, VET and Higher Ed students integrate into their new life in Australia.

Incorporating 21st Century Skills in Academic Curriculum Design

Future ready learning is about developing long life skills that prepare students for VET and higher education, their career path and for the workplace. To prepare students for success, Academic English courses should not only improve students’ academic language, but also provide authentic learning that develops students in the context of today’s diverse, globally and digitally connected society. This webinar explores innovative ways to incorporate future ready skills into Academic curriculum design.

Administration, Management and Staffing

With the return of international students, ELT institutions are expected to face administrative and staffing pressure.  This webinar is aligned to NEAS Quality Assurance Framework D: Administration, Management and Staffing, and provides you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to improve transparency around organisational structures and functions.

Foundation Programs

This webinar will focus on the NEAS Quality Area N:  Foundation Programs. The purpose is to provide you with an insight into the quality requirements for Foundation Programs, to ensure the delivery and management of Foundation Programs is aligned to the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework.

Transnational Delivery

Aligned to Area Quality M: Transnational Delivery, this webinar explores the trends, opportunities and obstacles that have been identified in Transnational Delivery . It also reflects on the relationship between AREA Quality H: Online Delivery and Transnational Delivery.

CPD points: 1

ELT Professionals

Aligned to Area Quality I: ELT Professionals, this webinar will focus on the process and benefits of becoming a NEAS ELT Professional.

CPD points: 1