Unlocking the Wild Wisdom of Nature: Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, managers are constantly seeking innovative approaches to lead, adapt, and thrive. While conventional wisdom has its place, the natural world offers a wealth of extraordinary insights that can transform the way managers approach leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making.
From the unwavering memory of elephants to the multi-faceted vision of dragonfly eyes, and the precise decision-making of jumping spiders, the presentation will delve into the exceptional wisdom of the animal kingdom. Learn how to harness the agility of squirrel planning and the strength of wolves’ pack mentality to excel in the corporate wilderness.
Whether you are a seasoned manager or an emerging leader, “Unlocking the Wild Wisdom of Nature” promises to revolutionise your management approach and help you adapt, survive, and thrive in your career.

Presenter: Dr Snezhana Chernova

Industry Webinar Series: Cambridge- Empowering Achievement: Exploring the Role of Assessment in Teaching and Learning

Empowering Achievement: Exploring the Role of Assessment in Teaching and Learning
Examinations and qualifications, whether loved or loathed, play a crucial role in the field of education. However, it is important to acknowledge that not all assessments are created or recognised equally. In this session, Allen will explore the characteristics that define a good assessment, illustrating how well-designed qualifications and exams can positively impact learning outcomes while simultaneously fostering student development, comprehension, and motivation. Additionally, the presentation will underscore the vital role of teachers in cultivating a classroom environment where students perceive assessment as positive reflections of their growth, empowering students to proudly showcase their accomplishments to the global community and explore the opportunities that these achievements unlock. Finally, Allen will be joined by Carmen who will showcase how a proactive approach in building key recognition with important stakeholders can help elevate students’ learning outcomes to new heights.


Mr. Allen Davenport
Professional Learning and Development Manager,
Cambridge University Press & Assessment
Ms. Carmen Le
Regional Recognition Manager
Cambridge University Press & Assessment  

Industry Webinar Series: Duolingo- AI & The New Era of Language Assessment

The Duolingo English Test revolutionises language assessment for the modern era. This innovative test is brought to you by the world’s largest education company Duolingo, whose 500 million users undertake more than a billion lessons every day. The test is a paradigm shift in secure, efficient, and cost-effective English proficiency evaluation and is now trusted by almost 5000 institutions worldwide. Seamlessly blending the world’s best AI technology with psychometric and linguistic excellence, the Duolingo English Test redefines language testing accessibility. It’s not just a test; it’s an embodiment of Duolingo’s mission to deliver world-class education to all corners of the globe. 
This session will be facilitated by the Head of Security and the Head of Assessment Communication for the Duolingo English Test and provide an in-depth and comprehensive insight into the test design, validity and security. 


 Mr Basim Baig
Head of Security
Duolingo English Test

Mr Basim Baig is the Head of Security for the Duolingo English Test. He has an educational background in cyber security where his major focus was the use of technical innovations to secure online testing. He leads a broad team of security engineers, AI scientists and assessment scientists.

Dr Masha Kostromintina
Head of Assessment Communication
Duolingo English Test

Dr Masha Kostromintina is an assessment specialist at Duolingo whose primary research area is fairness in high stakes English proficiency tests. She received her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from Northern Arizona University. Masha’s research has been published in top-tier journals including Studies of Second Language Acquisition and Frontiers in communication.

Understanding the NEAS CPD Framework

NEAS PD is accessible to anyone in the ELT community. NEAS supports and encourages continuing professional development (CPD) by assigning CPD points to each of its PD activities.
Earning CPD through a number of the activities through NEAS validates quality learning for teachers, managers, and ELT professionals. Micro credentialing for ELT professionals and how to access and share your online badges will be explained during this webinar.

Industry Webinar Series-E2 Learning: Keeping Ahead of the Curve: Engaging your Students Online

Online learning has expanded learning opportunities to virtually anyone with an internet connection, but how do we ensure the individual learner is still at the heart of the class? Learn about the future direction of online learning and how your organisation can stay up to date with the rapidly changing online learning landscape.

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Industry Webinar Series: Pearson

The Psychology​ of Learning Supported ​by the Global Scale of English

Education is so much more than teaching words on a page. For teachers, it’s also about understanding effective and efficient ways to learn, and how to reduce negative emotions in our learners to help grow their confidence and realise their goals. In this webinar, Mike Mayor, Senior Director, English Learning Research and Design at Pearson, explores the psychology of language learning and shares ways in which English teachers can use the Global Scale of English resources to set learners up for success and build the confidence that will support them on their life-long learning journey.

Watch the webinar recording and complete the quiz below to gain a personalised certificate and CPD points.

Industry Webinar Series:IDAT

Using Diagnostics to Guide Future Learning

This workshop will demonstrate how an admissions test can be used to create an independent learning plan for students.  To ensure success from the first day of class, we need to be prepared for students in order to guide their learning. 
The workshop will focus on how you can use your existing tests as a diagnostic tool and how you can modify and enhance admissions testings, as IDAT has done, to create profiles to support each student’s learning journey.

ELT Products and Services

This webinar is aligned to Quality Area K: Products and Services and will highlight the quality principles for the development of new products and services. It will also take you through ELT Products and Services Quality Endorsement process and the benefits of achieving Quality Endorsement with NEAS.

Industry Workshop Series: Learning Vault

In this session, Nicholas Roberts from Learning Vault will present on the global megatrends in education – Micro-credentials and Digital Badging. The session looks at how the rise in short courses can enhance learning and career opportunities through verifiable credentials.
Nicholas will share the discoveries gained in this field over the last few years and how this new wave of thinking is creating truly meaningful outcomes for all students.

Industry Workshop Series: Cypher Learning

Creating an Adaptive Learning Experience using LMS Analytic

Educators and Education institutions play a vital role in shaping and developing learners’ future-ready skills. We want to ensure that each learner acquires the competencies they need for their future job role. This is why it is also important that we tailor fit our teaching strategy and methodology to their learning needs. We must try and create an adaptive learning experience for our learners. This session will cover the core principles of adaptive learning, how LMS data and analytics can help teachers evaluate students’ performance and how to deliver a personalized learning experience for your students.