Foundation Programs

This webinar will focus on the NEAS Quality Area N:  Foundation Programs. The purpose is to provide you with an insight into the quality requirements for Foundation Programs, to ensure the delivery and management of Foundation Programs is aligned to the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework.

Transnational Delivery

Aligned to Area Quality M: Transnational Delivery, this webinar explores the trends, opportunities and obstacles that have been identified in Transnational Delivery . It also reflects on the relationship between AREA Quality H: Online Delivery and Transnational Delivery.

CPD points: 1

ELT Professionals

Aligned to Area Quality I: ELT Professionals, this webinar will focus on the process and benefits of becoming a NEAS ELT Professional.

CPD points: 1

Planning for Professional Development for the Coming Year

CPD points: 1

Professional development for teachers and academic managers has never been more important! In a post-COVID world as international students are slowly returning to our campuses, our teachers face new challenges. How can we be sure they’ll be ready to take on the challenges required? How can we attract and retain teachers in an ELT landscape that has been transformed? Dr Patrick Pheasant shares insight into the design and implementation of innovative PD programs that will (re)inspire and (re)motivate your team members.

Improving the Student Orientation

Aligned with NEAS Quality Assurance Framework B: The Student Experience, this workshop explores ways in which the student orientation can be enhanced. The workshop is suitable for all professional staff, including Academic Managers, Students Services staff and Marketing staff.

CPD points: 1

Developing Your Benchmarking Toolbox

In this webinar, Dr Patrick Pheasant will share practices and tools in benchmarking ELICOS programs, that can pathway into tertiary courses in the VET and Higher Education sectors.

CPD points: 1

Quality Assurance 101

How do I become a NEAS Quality Endorsed centre?

This webinar is for anyone who would like to learn more about NEAS and how its independent Quality Assurance services benefit the global ELT community. We will take you through the fundamentals of quality assurance and outline its significance in the current global landscape. The steps to applying for Quality Endorsement will be made clear along with the requirements for maintaining Endorsement through continuous improvement activities. Information about additional NEAS benefits, such as professional development opportunities as well as marketing and reputation building will also be provided.

The new TOEFL Essentials test: Scoring, Concordance and Research for the ELT community

Complementing its existing portfolio of high stakes quality English tests such as the TOEFL iBT, this new TOEFL Essentials test is an adaptive test covering both academic and general content, providing a fresh test format with a more affordable price point. This workshop will outline the new score scale, concordance tables to both the TOEFL iBT and CEFR levels, as well as findings from research conducted in 2021 of over 5,000 TOEFL Essentials test takers.

This webinar will be co-facilitated by Dr Spiros Papageorgiou – Managing Senior Research Scientist, ETS Center for Language Education and Assessment Research, and Dr Aleksandr Voninski, Associate Director, ETS Client Relations (Australasia).

CPD points: 1

University of Queensland: Responding to COVID-19 disruption

In this webinar, James Hourn, Head of Enterprise Sales at ReadyTech, will interview the team from Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education (ICTE) at the University of Queensland (UQ).

The ICTE, UQ team will unpack some critical areas of discussion in the current fragile international education sector, including:
1. COVID-19’s impact and how ICTE, UQ is navigating through this period of change.
2. How ICTE aims to leverage technology and innovation in their regeneration plan for the next two years.
3. Why ICTE chose their current student management system, JR Plus (A ReadyTech brand), as their technology partner.

If you would like to read the white paper by Readytech visit this link

CPD points: 1

Using your data to monitor the health of your institution and make timely, informed, and strategic decisions.

Have you noticed the pattern? Their decisions are based on data.

What about your institution? Are you also using your data to monitor the health of your college and make timely, informed, and strategic decisions?

In this webinar, Santiago will share how some institutions are transforming their reporting and decision-making processes using their Student Management System, their data and Microsoft Power BI as their business intelligence and analytics tool.