Day 1 – Session 1C – Leadership’s Role in Institutional Transformation

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Session 1 – Leadership and Change Management in ELT

Room C

Building a Quality Culture: Leadership’s Role in Institutional Transformation

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In this workshop, Jo Kwai will share how leadership at JPIC drives institutional transformation through fostering a culture of quality.

She will share strategies, challenges, and how to succeed in sustaining a quality-centric culture during times of change.

Presenter: Jo Kwai

With over 25 years combined experience across the schools, ELICOS, and RTOs, Jo is a very experienced Academic Manager, Teacher trainer, PD Champion and classroom teacher. Jo is a member of the ASQA SLG (Stakeholder Liaison Group) and also on the EA QLD PD committee member.

Jo has mentored many new teachers and is also an experienced curriculum writer, submitting new courses for accreditation.

Jo’s passion is everything education, and is very people-focused in all aspects of her job. There are never enough hours in the day and nothing is insurmountable – Jo likes to problem-solve and the ‘can-do’ attitude with like-minded teams shows a lot can be achieved with the right-attitude.

Jo is currently the Deputy Director International, Academic Manager, at John Paul International College, Daisy Hill, QLD.