QLS: Learner Autonomy

Learner autonomy is an essential graduate attribute and feature of 21st century learning and teaching. Embedding strategies to encourage and build learner autonomy into our language classrooms are a key feature of this webinar.

Participants are encouraged to share their best practices and strategies that work to build learner confidence and competence.

Aligns to Quality Areas A and B

QLS: Using Research to Inform Teaching Practice

Aligned with NEAS Quality Assurance Framework A: Teaching, Learning and Assessment, this workshop will focus on how different types of research can be used to inform and improve teaching practices, drawing on IELTS Research Reports as examples of potential tools. This workshop is aimed at all academic staff.

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QLS: Making Centres a Safe Place

This catch-up will focus on giving advice on international students and difficulties that a centre may face.

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QLS: Change Management

• What types of organisational change have you been involved in?

• How was the experience for you?

Aligned with NEAS Quality Framework D: Administration, Management and Staffing, this workshop provides guidance and support for management staff who would like to effectively prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes.

QLS: Building a Culture of Quality

Everyone has a stake in building quality in the ELT community as well as in individual ELT centres. This webinar explores the concept of ‘quality’ and ‘culture’ within a quality assurance context and provides participants with practical tools to help them be quality influencers.
Aligns to Quality Area G